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Why didn’t anyone tell me years ago that I didn’t have to re-invent every wheel and every spoke of every wheel ?  

Ok, so maybe they did tell me.  Lots of times.  But did I listen ?  No.  I was too stubborn (aka self-defeating) and determined to ‘make it myself’ (aka not very clever).

I finally got it.  I surrounded myself with a circle of brilliance, people who act out their integrity, generosity, gifts and destiny each and every single day. 

I finally learned the lesson every successful person learned at some point along the way.  I intentionally re-designed my life by carefully selecting  and gathering around me a community of mentors who’ve become a cornerstone of my ‘life practice’.

And my life is forever changed for the better. 

Mentors come in all shapes and sizes.  Some stay in your life for a moment, a conversation.  Others for years.  Some in person, some by way of books. But they all contribute wisdom into your human bank account.  And hopefully, you gift them something in return.  Even if only your profound gratitude and thanks. 

If you want to elevate your game, move up your ‘success curve’ more rapidly, find one or more mentors.  People who’ve succeeded.  People who’s character, capacity and consciousness you admire and wish to emulate.  People who’ve done it, and done it well. 

Just as you commit to lifelong learning, commit throughout your life as well to consistently increasing the caliber of those closest to you.  They are your precious inner circle.  Choose wisely.  The human success quotient of your friends and colleagues and the number and quality of mentors in your life will support your passion and dreams, speeding you along your path. 

Choose your friends and mentors with utter care.  Create the life you deserve and desire by inviting the very best people to support you.  The universe will not turn a blind eye if you step into the leadership of your life by inviting leaders onto your life team.

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