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Gary W. Goldstein

The Producer of Pretty Woman

Discover Your Step-by-Step  Roadmap to Break Into Hollywood, Sell Your Scripts & Build a Successful Career

Join award winning producer Gary W. Goldstein's Coaching Program, he’ll walk you through exactly how to break into Hollywood, and pursue your dream career with confidence. Finally, you can stop waiting for the phone to ring, and take your future into your own hands.

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$1 Billion

Multiple Academy

"In an online pitchfest this week, seven producers instantly asked to read my script and two others asked for my e-mail address. I have never experienced anything close to those results in the past. All thanks to Gary W. Goldstein. He has magic up his sleeve!
Jan Stanton, Screenwriter
"In an online pitchfest this week, seven producers instantly asked to read my script and two others asked for my e-mail address. I have never experienced anything close to those results in the past. all thanks to Gary W. Goldstein. He has magic up his
Jan Stanton, Screenwriter
What if there was a clear pathway to a lasting Hollywood career that didn’t leave your future up to chance?
A proven Coaching Program to help you stop waiting to be discovered, and to take your success into your own hands.
Introducing Gary W. Goldstein - producer of some of the world’s highest ever grossing films, including the blockbuster hit Pretty Woman, Mothman Prophecies, Under Siege, and many more.

After 25 years in the film industry, having overcome so much rejection, heartache, and mistakes, Gary has paved the way for aspiring creatives today. Creatives who don’t want to waste years, or risk their work remaining undiscovered, but want to have greater impact… sooner. 

For the first time ever, he wants to extend his powerful mentorship to you. The same personal guidance, simple strategies, and actionable solutions he’s used to launch the careers of some of Hollywood’s greatest screenwriters today.

Finally, you can get real world advice from a mentor who has been where you ’re at, and knows beyond a shadow of a doubt what your fastest path to success will be.
Gary has worked alongside some of the biggest names in Hollywood…
Life-Changing Career Transformations are the NORM for Gary's Students
“Gary’s course has been like jet fuel for my project”
“Gary’s a creative genius. With Gary, you just rise in your potential.”
“If you’re thinking of joining… You’ve gotta do it
“Creative Edge is a fantastic program…
hours and hours of his time”
LIVE, Coaching with the
Producer of Pretty Woman, Gary W. Goldstein
LIVE, Coaching with the
Producer of Pretty Woman,
Gary W. Goldstein
Hi, I’m Gary Goldstein. Join my powerful LIVE coaching program. I will share the real world solutions you need to overcome the challenges holding you back right now. 

I will be the support you’ve been missing. You ’ll have my encouragement, belief, and unconditional commitment to your goals. I’ll answer every question you have without restrictions. I’ll share real stories from 25+ years in this industry - including the good, bad and ugly stories of rejection and failure - so you can avoid making all the mistakes I made.
Why am I sharing all of this with you?
Because I understand how exceptionally lonely a creative career in Hollywood can be. Before my big break with Pretty Woman, I didn’t know a soul in Hollywood - I was simply a creative with a dream! But as a former introvert who went from zero connections to producing Oscar-nominated movies, I’m living proof that anyone can do it. I know that with the right roadmap and support, you can turn your dreams into a reality. 

I believe in you. I want to coach you, so you can unlock your full potential and share your stories with the world.
And this Master Class
is just the beginning…
Your career journey is just that - a journey. A winding, unpredictable road full of challenges and victories. That’s why, if you want someone to continue walking the path with you so you never give up on your dreams, I’ll be right here.
When you join the Coaching Program, you get
Gary LIVE for 4+ hours every month
Join Gary twice a month on Zoom for 2+ hour sessions of in-depth insider training. Ask Gary questions directly, be mentored and get your answers and solutions in real time. 

That’s a minimum of 4 hours in 2 calls every month to receive the support, and real world guidance for just $97 a month (cancel anytime).

With Gary's mentoring, you'll:
  • Access producers and other industry pros using Gary's personal tactics, questions and follow-up strategies
  • Stop 'selling' your scripts and craft an authentic pitch for your stories
  • Pitch til your presentation is bullet-proof and ready to win over the pros 
  • ​Get your scripts and short films in front of the right people using Gary's proven strategies
  • ​Create a smart, strategic action plan for you and your project
  • ​Transform your stories and screenwriting skills into marketplace success
Bottom line: Turn your hobby into a career for just $97 per month
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Be part of our inclusive community of like-minded creatives on the same journey as you!
With Gary's Coaching, You’ll Finally Get the Tools & Support You Need…
  • Develop your own personalized action plan to break into Hollywood, gain access, and finally have your work acknowledged.
  • Level up your inner circle to create meaningful relationships and build a supportive network of people who can make a difference in your life and career.
  • Get noticed by Hollywood’s most influential people from anywhere in the world (even if you ’re not based in LA).
  • ​Craft the winning pitch to make your scripts absolutely irresistible, increase your success rate and get your screenplays read.
  • ​Avoid wasting time sending out dozens of ineffective blind query letters. Learn how to get the right person’s attention easier, quicker and more effectively so you can accelerate your career much faster.
  • ​Develop a unique creative signature to give your work an edge against your competition in an authentic and lasting way.
And most importantly, you’ll gain the self-belief and confidence you need to stop playing it safe, and turn your dream into a reality!
Listen to what just some of the 100s of Gary's Students are saying…
“Because of Gary, especially his ‘gatekeeper’ strategy, I just produced and my brother just directed our first feature length film. In just several months, we had major players attending screenings of our short film and taking meetings with us, which lead to an offer and signed deal to produce/direct our first major film. All this was 100% the result of ‘tools’ Gary gave us.”
Pina De Rosa, Producer
“Gary completely changed the trajectory of my experience as a writer.”
“I always wanted to be in the film industry. I just never knew how. Gary answered all of it.”
“Gary’s course has been like jet fuel for my project.”
Will you make the most of the opportunity available to you?
Are you ready to finally be recognized for the blood, sweat and tears you’ve poured into your craft? And to turn your passion and talent for screenwriting into a fulfilling career you love? Now is the time to stop dreaming about being discovered, and to make the bold and courageous move to take your future into your own hands and find your place in this world. It’s time to believe in your authentic, powerful, and unique voice, and to let others see just how valuable your work truly is.

With Gary’s high touch coaching, you’ll step through a wide open door to your future with confidence. It’s time to find your voice in this industry, gain access to the gatekeepers of your success, and turn your goals into a reality sooner!
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