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Life-Changing Career Transformations are
the NORM for Master Class Students

"Gary Goldstein is a writer's best friend. You get the truth, you get the tools, and you get the support -- tremendous value !"
~ BJ Beauchamp
Screenwriter & former Director of Business Affairs, Sony Pictures
"In an online pitchfest this week, seven producers instantly asked to read my script and two others asked for my email address. I have never experienced anything close to those results in the past. All thanks to Gary W. Goldstein. He has magic up his sleeve !"
~ Jan Stanton
"Because of Gary, especially his ‘gatekeeper’ strategy, I just produced and my brother just directed our first feature length film. In just several months, we had major players attending screenings of our short film and taking meetings with us, which led to an offer to produce/direct our first major film, which is completed and has just been released. All this was 100% the result of ‘tools’ Gary gave us."
~ Pina De Rosa
"When I became your student, I was a mom with a script. Now, I'm a series writer-producer-director. Your mentoring allowed me to jump over the wall and land feet first in the game. Thank you for helping me achieve one of my biggest dreams."
~ Sally Rubin
Screenwriter, Producer, Author
"Gary W. Goldstein's mentoring will prove 100% better than whatever else you may be considering. He will change your life."
~ Marilyn Warda
"Using the approach you teach, I befriended producer Braxton Pope and Emmy award-winning writer-producer-director Richard Kramer. These relationships are gold, and you showed me it’s possible and how to make it happen. Thanks !"
~ Michael Denison
Writer (Film & TV)
"Nothing but solutions."
~ Isabel Holtreman
"Pure gold. It’s as though I just got handed a highly sophisticated navigation system through the inner workings of Hollywood !"
~ Elizabeth Lee
Screenwriter, Actor & Producer
"I’ve learned more about how things really work from Gary than I have over the past 10 years and countless other classes! Every word is a gem of insider knowledge. As a result, I’ve lost my fear !"
~ Angela Falkowska
"Within 48 hours of putting into practice what you taught me, I got 'in the door' with three different agencies. I’m creating real rapport, not just asking favors of strangers. It’s a big relief… finally!"
~ Bob Gilman
"I don't know anyone more knowledgeable about the ‘biz’ than Gary, and he has the most refreshingly positive attitude of anyone I know - and I'm an ex Peace Corps volunteer. "
~ Eric Sentell
"Gary is the best money I've spent in marketing information yet !"
~ Jackie Blakely
"Whether you're an actor, writer, director or producer, Gary is a 'must'. His strategies will get you where you want to be - smarter and faster. If you want to move forward tomorrow, run today to sign up for anything he’s offering."
~ Pat Mikulec
"In an industry notoriously inhabited by fast-talking swindlers, Gary Goldstein is a gold mine for anyone looking to break into the business. He’s more than trustworthy. Gary genuinely cares and knows how to help speed you to your goal. I can make no higher recommendation."
~ Joe Mazzarini
Screenwriter & Award-Winning short film Director
"I'm truly blown away by your accessibility and humility. I'm a small town Kiwi (New Zealander) and I love the fact that you're in the trenches with the little guy AND you've responded to just about every single comment here! You're a great guy! "
~ Craig Burton
"Gary Goldstein is a mentor second-to-none, and the single most positive human being I've ever met. I never realized how much I didn't know about the "business” of Hollywood. His insights are incredibly valuable and practical and, most amazing, easily incorporated into my daily routine."
~ Mahree Munding
"Even if I’d paid 100 times the price for Gary's coaching or his book, it would’ve been a ‘steal’ compared with the measurable, career-changing results I’ve had – not to mention a huge leap in my confidence."
~ Cary Ellis
Award-Winning Screenwriter, Founder of Online Publishing Academy

alan reitsch

"You’ll learn how to really navigate Hollywood.
Gary’s greatest joy is to see you succeed."

Albert castro

"I was struggling, but Gary’s in there with you, coaching you. It’s led to a complete turnaround in how I get my projects made."

christy dreiling

"Gary’s a creative genius. With Gary, you just rise in your potential."

danielle marggraf

"Gary completely changed the trajectory of my experience as a writer."

Jennifer Tuma-Young

"In just a few weeks, I’ve connected with people from studios and production companies. If you’re thinking about joining Creative Edge, you’ve gotta do it."

shmuel siegel

"I always wanted to be in the film industry. I just never knew how. Gary answered all of it."

yvonne brasington

"It’s amazing! Gary truly believes we can be great and doesn’t hold anything back."

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